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Robin Venable  Nashville, TN

'A Certain Place'
'Leave it up'

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About Robin

Robin Venable received an MFA from Florida State University in 2009. Prior to that she studied painting at Carson-Newman College in Tennessee.

Her paintings are built up of layers of tracing paper and acrylic paint, allowing the viewer to glimpse different levels rather than focus a single painted surface. Likewise, human figures only feature among other ornery in her compositions.

Venable regards the current art climate as a vacuum created by postmodernism, characterized by a hunger for spiritual renaissance. But she sees this as no reason for despair. ‘I seduce the viewers with texture and intimate scale in the hopes of recreating my own religious revelations for them,’ she says.

Her work has been exhibited across the United States and awarded numerous distinctions, including first place at the FBC Arts Festival in 2009.

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"I am looking for your description of your painting titled "My Gilgal" which hangs in First Baptist Nashville. I'm featuring it in an art column in our Senior Adult newsletter. I can read lots into your title and the art, but would prefer your interpretation. Any chance I can get it by Wednesday or Thursday this week?Thanks!Charlie Doggett615-780-3898"

"REALLY! Really! really smitten w/your work. Off the top of my head I'd say the offspring if it were possible of a mixture of the seed of Peter Max + Maxfield Parish is born through you but keeping your own originality very much the dominant genetic contribution. Bottom line in 9 letters: I love this!- Michael R. Mize"

"gorgeous - want to stare all day"

"wow its amazing..............."

"the sphere-in-picture shows the thirst of human mentality to move on with higher thoughts, though they has got a love for nature !!"

"A little something for everyone!"

"your work is visually comprehensively harmonious...and that's quite an achievement. your use of tracing paper,and the technique you deploy nonetheless reflects some fragility...and doesn't the world feel fragile at times.everything is penetrable. unless one pays attention, one finds oneself in polluted air, for instance. Or, substance abuse yes, penetrates throughour inner membranes and finds itself in :NOT ALLOWED PLACES...not to mention that dreadful applied invention called :the bomb and its relatives.An abomination proven the strongest against the weakness of the world. here, definitely. No Harmony!I hope your post-care of your paintings after their creation is also on your mind. please cure them constantly if needed .and do not let things fall at the seams...ofcourse,the circle could remind me only of the globe...our globe."


"This picture takes me to a land where all is at peace."

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