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Christopher Cuseo  Melbourne, Australia

'Don’t Forget Me'
'Fear The Worst'

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About Christopher

Christopher Cuseo received a BFA in art, design, and film from UCLA in 2003.

He credits his conceptual vocabulary and awareness of color and form to Vasa Mihich, whose work had great influence on him during college.

Cuseo’s own paintings reflect personal memories. Using a consciously cinematic style, he endeavors to give the viewer a subjective narrative experience.

His work has been exhibited and collected across the United States and abroad. He currently lives between bases in Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney.

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"I Love you and I Love your work!I have your first originals in the orange with white crossroads.Somehow, there must be another still coming some day but the best thing to know is that the dream is still alive!I'm so so proud of you and I will always be there for you.I just went thru a huge divorce with my girl, not legally thank god and also I helped pepper get through a devastating breakup with Chip...Such a bummer as they are totally thru bru!Love & PrayersGod BlessBradO"

"I want to know more about the butterfly woman. both "don't forget me" and "fear the worst". who is she, about the butterfly's and just more detail about the meaning behind them. I will try to look them up and see if you have more on your web site. but thank you very much. they are moving me,because I feel like her,but would like to know your interpretation. Thank You!"


"Incredible! you are a genius! Do you sell your work??? the video I viewed of you painting was mesmerizing. I hope I can see one of your exhibits soon."

"wow. im so taken back by all the comments. thank you so much everyone. im so happy you like the work. keep posted on for more paintings sculptures and illustrations this summer."

"awesomely beautiful"

"This is beautiful. I love the colours and the feelings it evokes. I just wish it didn't make me want to be thinner. Her frame is much too slight..."

"a breath of sunshine, perfect 5"

"How can I buy this piece of art"

"This is beautiful. It elicits spirit and freedom in a young life. I love it!"

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