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Ryo Shimizu  Tokyo, Japan


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About Ryo

Ryo Shimizu received a BFA in architecture and building engineering from Kanagawa University in 2002 and an MFA five years later.

He is influenced by Japanese traditions and practices–the relationship between history and modern society and between the self and other people. His work ranges from photography to three-dimensional objects and installations.

Shimizu recalls the 2008 Yokohama Triennial, where he worked as a volunteer, as a turning point in his career as an artist. He has since received the 2010 Tokyo Wonderwall Award and SICF11 Incentive Award, among others, and his work has been exhibited across Japan.

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"if i stay there for an hour i become crazy"


"I love it! I would really like to see it "live"."

"It is only important to use correct first and last letters of words in a sentence to convey it's meaning - our brains don't actually read individual letters but form impressions. Also reminds me of a K. Vonnegut quote about great architectural buildings - and practically nothing going on inside them."

"feels like looking at legal divorce papers"

"i find the one with the small person just standing in front of the giant words very humbling and i think it shows how litle someone can know about something very big"

"it's good work but not too much imagination of the mind. the image of the guy standing solo is almost a scene that you see in a great deal of artwork. some guy standing in a picture alone w/ writing on the wall."

"Tinneman Square revisited. You are up against that which will overpower and crush you. Not a tank this time. Technology."

"depicts the information age !"

"thoughtful and beautiful. i would gladly go out of my way to see his work."

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