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Angelina Chavez  Rome, Italy

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About Angelina

Angelina Chavez’s personal work focuses on family, motherhood and interpersonal relationships.

‘Photography allows me to go beyond observation, it makes me look twice, trying to capture the special something that makes the difference,’ she says.

Truth and simplicity are what she aspires to. She regards her current, long-term project as portraying her family, and for this reason photography is a part of her everyday life.

Her work has been exhibited in Germany and Italy and awarded several honorable mentions from Fotoleggendo and International Photography Awards (IPA), among others.

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"Ominous and stunning."

"Very beautiful and sexy curves. Also kind of dark,which I like."

"The Art is good, conveying a search for the only Truth we each possess and can eventually figure out: our own true self. Who am I? The other truths, trying to know what's really going on around us and outside of us, is otherwise most often discouragingly impossible to find. But it's hard to resist defining our own identity without looking outside at the world around us to help us get the answer. How am I perceived? Is that the true me? Does the woman feel invisible as she walks through life and we see through her in the second photo? Is she looking in the mirror to reassure herself that she exists and matters in her naked and simple self? Has she lost herself and given in to feeding her image, others' perception of her? These are the questions I ask myself, these are the stories one could write, that's what I feel when I contemplate the moments in both Chavez photographs. As for technique, I understand it may be more important in photography, but as far as Art goes, the emotional response the work provokes, the connection, or lack of, is what matters."

"Excellent work. A tour of this photographer's website is really a must before critiquing. She is a rare talent in that she is adept in nearly every genre of photography. She is impressively gifted at the conceptual, documentarian, journalistic, landscape, cityscape, portrait and/or able to capture the internal as well as external. She is brave and real, yet skilled, in her self-portraiture and in-depth self history work without coming anywhere close to being self-absorbed or self-aggrandizing. She displays a keen eye for composition and color (or black & white) and yet is uniquely and sensitively creative and able to see beyond the norm. She is an artist in eye, skill and heart. She sees much and has much to say and does both very well."

"True art must make one feel, and inspire thought; this does both exceedingly well."

"Nice work..testimonial(s) & a good "eye"...would be an added interest to see other types of work not necessarily related to an autobiographical point of view. Although the images are beautiful and well though out/put together, perhaps in the future it would be good to see an expansion beyond the current images."

"Don't care for this one...too dark and evil looking"

"I think the first photo shows the stuggle of a womans perception of herself and dealing with thoughts and feelings and the struggle of it in the second photo"

"I have mixed feelings about these photos. I do enjoy the first one, but the second is too blurred to make me feel anything but confused as to why the artist chose that technique to try and make her work stand out!"

"Interesting images. I'm not sure I consider photo tricks to be art. I'm not saying that photogrphers can't make art, the ones that do make it with one push of the button. Creating a multilayed image with a printer or a computer isn't easy, it takes some imagination and technical skill. This work would be very effective in a commercial. Decorative and evocitive for sure, but "ART"?"

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