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Ananda Balingit-LeFils  Tallahassee, FL

'Young Dennis LeFils'
'Sean and Ananda'

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About Ananda

Ananda Balingit-LeFils investigates in her portraiture her relationships to close friends and family.

But while she has a personal and intimate connection with her subjects, they are consciously depicted in a static pose and formal setting. The clothing, patterns and props are chosen as a biographical exploration of the subject and also of her own aesthetic.

Balingit-LeFils is most inspired by American itinerant painters of the 18th and 19th centuries. She admires what she describes as tender awkwardness exemplified in these paintings.

The patterned surfaces allude to the flatness of the folk paintings as well as textile crafts. While each element is chosen from a particular time period, she mixes eras in an effort to cast off innate nostolgia.

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"lots of thought!very good!and thanks for sharing i!only good can come out of are a deserving artist."

"Not the most impressive thing I have seen. To monotone for my taste. I agree with another comment. What is the other hand doing?"

"it is very unique i love it! i want to see more"

"OK, I'm just going to say what everyone is thinking. I'ts an OK picture, not fussy about the color. This would not hang on my wall. Oh yes. What is the left hand doing. Just saying."

"I love your work.Congratulation."

"Sorry, but I think this is a little to weird for me. I can not relate to it. However, just because I can't, does not mean that others won't. Please keep on expressing yourself. And good luck."

"At first look, I thought, "This isn't my speed," but then I gave a more considered look and found the grace to say that not everything has to be and this is good work in its own right. This work requires a more intelligent consideration. It is good in that it is intelligent, yet emotionally tender work. I appreciate and must acknowledge the creativity, skill and thoughtful approach it takes to blend the modern with the deeply art-historical. It isn't for me, but it is work finely done."

"the flatness and poor choice of color makes me dizzy,its not abstarct of colorful,there's no prespective ,good effort but not my favorite"

"I would hardly say there is a narrow market for this type of work. Folk art has a high prominence that is growing and growing especially as it starts to take a context in contemporary art making. I also think that if you look at the work at a quick glance you are unable to penetrate the historical context behind it which I find very interesting. I think of Flemish painting, Faith Ringold, Romare Bearden and wood block prints. I agree with Hermito's comments; I find this work very compelling! I am opening a new gallery in Upstate New York and I would definitely consider showing some of this work."

"Balingit-LeFils' work is innately allegorical: gender roles-even the most basic representation of textiles and patterned images. For some reason I am drawn to the two-dimensionality of the works-a quotation of early Italio-Byzantine or Renaissance frescoes, when our eyes and mind could not exactly comprehend the three-dimensional world. These works embrace texture and pattern, soft and hard, in a pleasant and cohesive fashion. I dig them."

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