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Matthew Cornell  Louisville, KY

'Home before Dark'
'The Visitor'

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About Matthew

Matthew Cornell holds a BFA from California State University, Long Beach.

He describes his paintings as ‘sublime observations,’ dramatized by his careful use of color and atmosphere. The small scale of his canvases and the great detail in his landscapes are intended to encourage a greater intimacy between viewer and image.

There are no humans present in his paintings, because Cornell regards a world in which nature rules as an ideal one. His work has been exhibited across the United States and he has won numerous awards, including first prize in painting at Winter Park Art Festival in 2008 and 2009.

Recommended by our guest curators

Nick Patten

Hudson, NY artist

"I think I discovered Matthew's work on line before seeing a painting in person. I used to visit Arcadia Gallery in Soho whenever I was in NYC and that is where I saw his work for real. Most of the paintings I have seen in person were of scenes of suburbia, often at night or dusk. His observations and painting skill clearly allow him to make these pictures become site specific and universal, at the same time. I know I'm looking at a particular house, but I could also be looking at a house anywhere in America."

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"He is genius. I wish I could buy his art. I love European paintings realistic ones and purchase sometimes in Vienna. This artist paintings touched my heart a lot. I am lucky to see such wonderful art."

"Holy Crap! these are amazing, I thought they were photos at first. Great paintings!"

"Love it.. It feel like I am coming home.. I don' t know why I say coming home and Not going away.. But It's a good feeling.."

"Are these paintings, because they are so clear I thought they were photographs"

"I love these pictures.The bit i like the best about them is the way they are drawn.I think they are all wonderfull pictures and the beach one reminds me of when im on the beach with my bucket and spade."

"I like these pictures a lot!I think there realy artistic and i am amazed the way they have been done."

"Gorgeous color, light and shadow - each inviting the question, shall I stay or shall I go?"

"Brings back vivid memories of trips across America. Thoughts of I wonder who lives or works there. They must lead interesting lives. The Paintings have such wonderful movement but make you stop the car or the train to get a better look."

"Early Morning....Dawn"

"Beautiful, Peaceful, Colorful.........I love this painting."

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