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Adam Cruickshank  Berlin, Germany

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About Adam

Adam Cruickshank is artist from Melbourne, currently based in Berlin. His work ranges from exhibition pieces and installations for specific environments through to graphic design and illustration.

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"no matter what any body says, he is amazing! i love them, very very cool."

"very impressive. The dots over the faces make me feel ill."

"I was truly shocked by these responses. I find that art is important because it issues a reaction, good or bad, it is powerful because it has the capacity to do so. While this art is not "pretty" or "comfortable" I do not believe that it is meant to be so. Important art commands one's attention. Kiki Smith is a well-renowned artist whose art, to me, is extremely disturbing and sometimes haphazardly executed. However, her goal, much like Adam's I believe, is to make us think about our comfort, what defines it, and what the limitations are.And for that, I find this art to be very mature, focused, and stimulating, as is evident by the above reactions and discussion.Good job Adam, I love your depressing art!"

"I find this artist to have a great drawing ability to capture the human face, including the eyes. The faces are, however, very discouraging and even disturbing with the combination of yellow spots all over them. I would like to see just the faces with some story to them. I would like to know what the motivation for this piece was and the thinking behind it."

"Artist produce Art that represents their voice to others. And I beleive the greatest accomplishments are those that inspire others.I find the message here depressing. I have no doubt that this art will find its following among like minded depressants. And thus, I suppose, is an important subculture, providing contrast for the rest of us who aspire to extol the virtues of life.I truly hope this artist someday discovers that depression comes not from an overlay of technology but from the pervasive underpinning of the human spirit.Kind regards,RodFather, inventor, and artist"

"Despite an apparent success as an illustrator, taken as a whole, I do not intuit that Mr. C is a mature artist yet. Or he certainly needs an curator.I cannot grasp Him intellectually. Despite a wickedly good sense of humor, I only see a retro trend to the drawing style of 1966. I would like to say a wholehearted Yes, but I feel a "come up short" No. My regrets. Tame the energy with some focus."

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