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Caroline Moore  Orono, ME

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About Caroline

My photographs focus on the transformation of personal spaces into surreal landscapes of life. The majority of my ideas are born out of a desire to capture common themes, experiences and stories from everyday life, but with an ironic twist. I see everything I do as a picture of the human mind, magnified tenfold, so that we see all the darkest corners. I find beauty in the surreal, the unusual, and the awkward.

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"These images looked very staged to me. I don't get a sense of anything when viewing these photos. Sorry. :-("

"the images caused me to pause and ponder.....well done"

"Random can be beautiful and magical; like a dream. However in my opinion, these photos are not. The artist is trying too hard to be beatifully awkward and sadly, the result is cheesy. The images would have a better flow if over-grown vines enveloped the TV(s) and/or woman."

"These photos remind me of writings by Thoreau and Longfellow, the nature writers. They're quite surreal, and beautiful :3"

"that's awesome!"

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