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Arden Bendler Browning  Philadelphia, PA

'Plenty of eyes'

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About Arden Bendler

Arden Bendler Browning received a MFA from Tyler School of Art, Elkins Park, Pennsylvania in 2003. Prior to that she studied at Temple University Rome, Italy, and Sydney College of the Arts, Australia.

Browning’s wall-size paintings centre on the idea that human experience is a mess and overlapping reflections and memories, all of which cloud the present. And background noise competes for our attention, too, while we form these muddled impressions.

She collects reference imagery from actual and virtual meandering around fridge neighborhoods in Philadelphia, her current home. Using Street View on Google Maps, she jumps around and absorbs impressions of space complete with the inherent distortions of low-resolution snapshots that make places appear rippled and blurred.

These virtual walks she likens to the sensation a diver has when resurfacing. ‘I often find myself lost and need to zoom out of a street view to an aerial view for navigation. No matter how closely I zoom in on a space, the truest details are inaccessible,’ she says.

Browning’s work has been exhibited extensively across the United States.

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Kevin Box

Santa Fe, NM artist

"Just phenomenal talent with paint, scale and a subject matter that draws you in. I love the combination of complete abstraction and subject matter that evoke memories overlapping one another. I get a constant feeling of confusion and recognition, satisfaction and being lost. Would love to own one of her small watercolors."

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"I like "leftovers". Strangely enough it inspires me to paint a nature scene!'"

"I love that I can see so many different "pictures" so-to-speak, in just one painting. It's beautiful!"

"Just... awesome. And I'll be back to Philadelphia for a visit at the end of the month. Now I'll have something to do besides get driven batty by my family."

"REALLY like this. Reminds me of spaces I have spent time in. Especially some work places."

"Tornado done hit this place.Clean up will be a b&$#@."

"I love it!!yea really, finally..............."

"Finally someone who can paint. I live in your work. Good job!"


"Now this is eye candy! It's intriguing, captivating and mysterious. I can't wait to see more from this artist."

"The top one looks exactly like my husband's house when I first moved in - we were knee deep in "stuff"; not much better now, really - uncanny resemblance. I agree "Tsunami" would be a great name for No. 2. All in all wonderful chaos, and a unique and original perspective!"

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