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Jillian Dickson  Lafayette, IN

'Placenta Bloom'
Colored pencil
Colored pencil

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About Jillian

Jillian Dickson received a BFA from Bradley University in Illinois in 2005 and an MFA from Clemson University in 2007.

During her postgraduate studies she taught figure drawing and spent summers juggling artist residencies and art camp tutorship. Ludwig also spent a year in Lyon, France, developing her own creative practice.

The Fam Farm series reflects in a gentle manner the downturn of natural farming in the Western world. In Ludwig’s view genetic modification, factory farming, and misleading labels have resulted in a disconnection between customers and their food sources.

Her work has been exhibited nationwide and internationally.

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'Penciled In'



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"I love the contradictions in the designs and symbols before I read her deepep implications because of the way that they reminded me of science in art, or the art in sciencd class. It's funny because I have no really strong background in either, yet I have a vivid memory of being a child and getting a microscope for Christmas in first grade and then putting a slide in it with tinyed onion cells. Oh! What glory of creation is the stained glass geometry within the bulb that induces an adult to weeping after the slicing and dicing of it! These reminded me of that secret gallery in my slides. The fraternal twins of Hideous and Beautiful, link by an umbilical optic nerve, feeding it, making sense of the senseless. It's perfectly imperfect the way that truth about anything important seems to get as I am actually growing older."

"All I can say is WOW!! I agree with Angie, I'm partial to the butterfly, but, the other is very well done as well. Great job Jillian."

"AWESOME, I want one. She is truly an amazing artist."

"Very whimsical and pretty. I really like this! The eye just flows through the pictures..."

"I like it too. It tells a story. A story that I may heard it in my childhood or have never heard about it but makes me go to my imagination. Specially second one."

"90% of the ART that has been on this page looks like a tattoo. I would love to see more landscapes and portraits. Hint Hint. Just sayin."

"Art of today is climbing the limits and I like what is has produced. This is what we should mean when we try to describe art.The art of yesterday was portraits and landscapes but todays art takes the spectator for the longest ride into the unknown"

"Would have been great, and really nice, if they didn't have to ruin it by trying to make it "deep" and "profound". I hate that. Art should never be that simple, it's much more complicated than that. There are a thousand things these pictures could mean, some of them contradictory. Great job Jillian Ludwig, bad job just saying, these looked better on my iGoogle homepage without the silly "explanation"."

"As at I looked at these more color sprang to life in them."

"I like it! I love her style of drawing and the contrast, for instance, in the second picture, of the heavy grey rhino and the fluttering light pink balloons and ribbons... I know this is not a very "deep" comment, but I love what Jillian does."

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