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Robert Mullenix  Oxford, OH

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About Robert

I earned my MFA in painting from University of Illinois 1990. Since then, I have been painting while I serve as a stay-at-home dad. I am interested in the relationship between photographic and hand-painted imagery in the perception of visual information.

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'Into The Woods'

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"Hi Robert, I just heard about Joe and was thinking of the past. I hope you are well and happy with family and home. Your paintings are beautiful. I still look daily at the painting of the train trestle landscape that you gave me years ago. I am so sad about Joe. Best Wishes, Bonnie"

"I've just looked at your website and love your work. I spend a lot of time hiking in the woods of northeastern USA and your paintings seem to be of visual images that have built up in my own memory - the amazing shapes and presences of trees in varying light raise my spirits as do your paintings. Thanks."

"Simply beautiful. Like you I enjoy combining photography with other forms of art. I think you did an amazing job here. This captures how gorgeous, huge, and lonely the woods can be when you stand in it quietly. Again- great job!"

"As an displaced Ohioan now living in the south, your artwork brings back memories of the amazing colors of fall in Ohio. The second painting in particular really evokes the beauty of the season.very nice!"

"Beautiful. Do you sell your work? Where can we buy it?"

"its almost too much like a painting it doesnt show any individuality if you made somthing stick out that you wouldnt usually see it would make your paintings more expressive."

"I'm sorry to be presumptious. I'm an old woman, so please indulge me a moment. I usually do not 'read into' artwork, but your work, while strong and beautiful, emanates to me an incredible loneliness and confusion. I just want to tell you that everything will be alright."

"These are amazing, at first glance they look like real photographs. You are an amazing artist, and if you sell them I would be more than happy to purchase one in due time."

"just beautiful! I especially loved the way you were able to capture the beauty of the tree bark, right down to the fine details of the vines wrapping them selves around trees. ...hope to see more of your work. it is very inspireing.iam just fasinated by the work and really enjoy the fine art work thank you."

"Your work is wonderful !!!!!! When I first saw your work I asumed you were a photog !!!"

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