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Rafa Zubiria  Madrid, Spain

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Rafa

No Way Home is a photo series by Spanish artist and photographer Rafa Zubiría depicting surreal and captivating transformations in which buildings hover above the ground.

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"To dream.."

"weeeww ...... !"

"It's nice to be above it all sometimes."

"it looks like the unattainable american dream"

"I like the concept of something seemingly so solid, massive and immovable being given an air of transience and impermanence as if able to be blown on a wisp of wind. As realized here, the works are not particularly strong art, but they have their own value and carry off the aforementioned concept well enough. I felt that several of the photographer's works shown on his website under the category of "Algunas fotos" (i.e. Some Photos) had much stronger artistic merit and I would encourage him to follow the creative lines exhibited there for greater, more meaningful impact."

"Maybe people who can afford to live in this fortress of a building imagine, or are, living above the frey."

"This isn't art. It's an insult to the eyes."

"fine use of ordinary objects in unusual places...5 stars!"

"Great but i don't really get it. Why would someone want to do that to a house which makes it seem like stuck in a Hurricane and is about to fall. And why at all would one want to live in it?"

"interesting but i like them"

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