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Jesaca Lin  Brooklyn, NY

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About Jesaca

I use photography to pursue what I do not fully understand. My projects are often an examination of the self in relation to what is in and outside of the self.What begins as self-centered inevitably evolves into universal.

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surprised by comments 1 and 8. i don't think they are very familiar with art photography. oh well, the work is beautiful. thought the images worked nicely together. keep it up!

they are kinda weird,that wouldnt be somthing i would call art, but if you took pictures of somthing more interesting that people would want to take their time and study the details, that picture is more upfront dont get me wrong or anything i like it but its not somthing i would look at more than once.

I love houw the faces are blurred. It makes it mysterious. :3

Strange yet beautifully un-innocent looking.

Marry me, Jesaca!

It looks so Beatiful and lovely!

one face of insitement, a restless ghost


Good try but not much substance.

Beautiful... interesting to look at. Loved both of them a lot, but the second was my favorite. I look forward to seeing more work from you.

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