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Jesse Thomas  St. Louis, MO

'Bentbrook Farms'

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About Jesse

Jesse Thomas received his MFA from Washington University in St. Louis in 2003. Prior to that he studied at Parsons School of Design and School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The domestic scenes he paints are arenas for exploring the arc of western thought and pictorial expression. Light, space, color are counterpoints to his narratives, and he balances story with a spontaneous application of paint to create what he calls tension between surface quality and depth.

Since completing his studies, Thomas has taught painting and drawing at several local colleges. His own work is included in the private collections of Olin Corporation and Louisiana State Museum in New Orleans, among others.

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"Great painting love it, love it, and did I mention I love it."

"like:) is that kevin spacey and adam sandler/eric idle in that second picture?!"

"Hey Dad. It's the IRS."

"unusual subject matter - unique and intriguing."

"Enough tedium in the world as it is without having to admire flat, boring image narrative."

"For me it gave new definition to idea of: "The Thinker" I like it! Thanks for your perspective."

"I love the way that it has a feel of sorrow and wonder. The way that it's looking at you, the way that it pops is amazing."

"This is not work that succeeds with a simple, quick glance, but it is work that succeeds, that proves its depth and complexity with views that are more extended and that take in the full series of this artist's work shown on his website. The artist proves that the making of art, the act of painting a narrative work in particular, is about making choices. He proves that he has the abilities to paint and draw in whatever level he chooses and chooses to blend multiple levels from rough to refined into each work in order to explore and show what he wishes. His is not a style I would choose, but I appreciate his choice to challenge himself and the viewer with accomplished, intelligent work."

"its telling a story, but do we always want to know?"

"I like the contrast of looking inward and outward."

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