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Jonpaul Smith  Cincinnati, OH

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About Jonpaul

Smith is inspired by the complex relationships of systems and patterns that control and dictate the world in which we live. Using traditional and non-traditional printmaking techniques, he begins by creating original prints on paper. He cuts the paper into strips of various sizes, then painstakingly overlaps and weaves the strips into intricate compositions.

Jonpaul on his work:
“I weave these de-constructed images into organized, open-narrative works enabling the viewers to create their own visual and narrative experience as they navigate through the juxtapositions of surface and color,” says Smith. “I choose not to provide a focal point because I want to the viewers’ eye to be constantly moving. Every visual path is unique with the eye moving slower or faster through intersections depending on the size of the strips, the colors, and the scale of the piece. When standing close to a work, minute details are revealed. But from a distance, the viewer may see simply a system of related colors in gridlock. Hence, one’s perspective shifts from ‘microcosmic to macro-cosmic.”

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"I really like this piece of art work because it is everywhere and it has a lot of emotion. it's like an imaginary photo because when you look at it there are just a bunch of different shapes in the photo it self."

"just f*ck'n cool!"

"Complex systems, without much emergent property, here...which is good because all the underlying processes are still visible. Not at all like fractals, which are too mathematical. This is compulsion: a much better aggregator of novel design."

"A simple constuction idea producing a comlex image (a bit like human beings really)and I admire that in a complicated world. Very organic work, from the soul not the brain. Keep going, Jonpaul."

"My first inclination was to respond to Roger's comments, however in the spirit of constructive criticism, I think it best to speak directly to the artist. I found your work fantastic; both complex and somewhat primordial even. There's something elemental to the patterns, chaotic. If I were in a position to be an art collector, which I'm not, especially after observing some of his other work on his website, I would without a doubt love to have one of his pieces hanging on my wall. They are amazing. Thank you."

"roger makes some interesting points but i would question his first comment; the internet in general is not the ideal venue for art just as books weren't/aren't before that. they give you only an indication of what the art is, but the alternative is perhaps never seeing the work in the first place. i used to hold the same disdain towards poor black and white photos of jackson pollack's paintings but turns out they were enough to get me interested and put me on a quest. obviously nothing beats seeing the work in person but given the process in which we discover art it would be foolish to exclude your artwork from sites like this when there is a general consensus of quality.the other thing to consider is that this website may be featuring a lot of graphic art because that is what a lot of people are doing. it is nice to see some balance even if it is contingent upon the viewer to follow up, which is usually one click away."

"This is not good venue for JonPaul. He's not a graphic artist, he is a process artist, who generally works at a large scale more than 6 to 9 feet. At this small size he looks like a not very good graphic artist.But JonPaul's art is not about beauty it is about truth. I mean the truth of process. Like a dadaist, he sets his task of process, and then the finished work is a surprise. It is not very sensual; it is industrial looking. Not these two examples here: go to his website. The woven pieces we see here must be full of lovely accidents that show the consumer society. I think printmaking is a strong theme in his work.The confusion I feel looking at his varied work suggests to me that he is an emerging professional. Despite his strong work, he has not hit his mature style yet. When he does, his work will be more consistent. But congratulations on his fine achievements so far."

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