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Andrew Schoultz  San Francisco, CA

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About Andrew

Art is an uncontrollable passion and obsession. After many travels around the United States for such things as skateboarding and graffiti art, I found a home in San Francisco in 1997, and among other things, a great commuity to exist in and make art. The past nine years have brought me the development of a repertoire of iconic images. Through murals, paintings, installations, and drawings, I have used these images to tell stories about everyday life in America, filtering political commentary through the forms of graffiti art and underground comics, fused with clipart from the early 1900s and medieval renderings that chart the history of man and nature. The relationship between man and nature has been a re-occurring theme in my work, and also the effects of globalism and capitalism on the world. Although heavily interested in showing work and doing large multi-media installations in the gallery and museum setting, I have spent a tremendous amount of time doing murals and various work in the streets of America and abroad. I have an intense interest in painting large scale imagery on walls in the public space, that address and inform the very diverse audience of the general public, including children, about current social and political issues.

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"I've always been a huge fan and am lucky enough to have one of your drawings (from the NY show ... transmission from horizon) on the wall here in my home office in the stix of frozen iowa city....your work is inspiring, always... jim kaufmann"

"the picture is awesome. I love how you use the characters in the picture. this a real great art work"

"These are really beautiful. I love the style!"

"the waves on the first one are awesome!!!pudding....yummm!"

"COOLIO!!! *singsong voice* love it!"

"Great work! It has so much energy and intensity."

"amazing stuff. reminds me of video games i played as a kid"

"very nice art indeed!"

"wow, this picture really is somehting...."

"This painting is really, really lovely.I'm saying this because I like it"

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