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Rod Luff  Sydney, Australia

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About Rod

Rodrigo Enrique Luff was born in 1987 in San Salvador, El Salvador, and raised in Sydney, Australia.

His work has recently been exhibited at Phone Booth Gallery in Los Angeles and Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco.

Recommended by our guest curators

Garry Booth

Owner, Phone Booth Gallery

"Rod Luff is sensual and fantastical. He reflects an intellectual ideology and philosophy unique to his work, and executes his media with technical prowess."

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"both are wonderful, but i love the first one more. I kinda feel like I'm there..."

" can almost feel like you're there..."

"Nice job... like viewing into the spiritual world. - John, U.S."

"Rod: Sorry you had to escape civil war in your mother country (iyw)... I like this piece.... As if it is a young girl's ball of life and dreams... As if, that is, we are seeing into the spiritual dimension here. Thank you."

"I love them. very beautiful pieces."

"this is beautiful!!!!"

"Es genial. La técnica magnífica."

"The artist's draftsmanship is certainly commendable. For works of any artistic weight one must visit his website and sort through his "Sketchbook" section. A number of works there point at where the artist could go if he chose to do so. He appears to be at the nascence of his career and I, for at least one, would hope that he tips the scales of his focus away from the lightweight fantasy works (which he does execute well) and more toward works that show the greater depths of his creative, intelligent and sensitive talents. When he has a mind to, he certainly works well with light and shadow and shows that he can bring out the less tangible heart of those who sit for him or who he chooses to depict. In years to come, he will deserve a 4 rating instead of the 3 I had to give for the two works chosen for display today."

"Fascinating and lovely! Kudos!"

"I Love How I feel when I look at this painting. Get lost in a Magical dream world. It is very calming like taking a deep breath. The use of color and light is wonderful. Thank you for sharing"

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