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Mike Doyle  New York, NY

'Victorian on Mud'
'Victorian w Tree'

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About Mike

Mike Doyle was inspired by a childhood trip to LEGOland to become an artist. He now makes intricate and distressed Victorian-style homes out of LEGO.

These dilapidated houses point to the unreliability of precisely the material structures we regard as our security and foundation in the world. ‘Here is a charming home lovingly embellished with ornament that proved to be no match for nature,’ says Doyle.

Each of his houses can take up to 600 hours and over 100,000 legos. His website features in-depth LEGO tutorials and art prints for sale.

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Brooke Shaden

Los Angeles, CA artist

"What Mike Doyle creates with legos has the power, mystery, pain, and intrigue that so many try to capture with more accessible forms of media. He creates deep worlds using something so innocent and unassuming that the medium in itself creates a fascinating juxtaposition: innocence with destruction, old and new, imagination versus reality."

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