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Ricky Allman  Kansas City, MO

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About Ricky

Raised Mormon, Ricky Allman was taught to prepare for the Apocalypse – a complete and final destruction of the world. Sure he wouldn’t live to see adulthood, he aligned with dystopian visions of his future. In his 20s, he moved from Utah’s protective mountain landscape to the city of Boston, where he saw the skyscrapers vulnerable to destruction, ready to crash down with the slightest provocation. The city became an apocalyptic metaphor for his life. He began to study the way architecture interacts and overlaps with nature, and how it dominates or is dominated by its surroundings. Ricky explores architectural spaces in his work to play out his fascinations and fears, utopia and dystopia, and issues of faith and doubt.

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"Comment “What a vision! ! ! Mr. Allman’s paintings show us strange but delightful worlds. Ricky’s works should be examined closely for the full effect. Although I usually favor more representational landscape and genre art , I am always amazed by this man’s works that illustrate his vision of beautiful pseudo-mountanous landscapes.” Have a look ! ! !"

"I really enjoy Mr. Allmans work, his work was displayed at Missouri Western State University for awhile in the Art Building so I would eye ball his work up close, the technique and layering is just fantastic. I also really enjoyed the lecture he gave on his work."

"detailed, very nice!"

"very inspirational"

"I have watched this artist come from drawing collages of curt cobain and textured animals to where he is today. I own one of his earlier pieces of art and its simply the best feature in my home. The new work is complex yet tasty. This is my favorite yet."

"I have been following this artist's work for several years. His growth has been marvelous. The imagination he brings to his art causes me to constantly be amazed. I never miss a chance to view his art."

"En Fuego Maestro!"

"I think its fine work. Do you have an agent yet?"

"fantastic work. I have seen these up close and they are as good as the images above promise. I identify with the cataclysmic view of the world. Won't it all crash down soon?"

"Very nice. I thing its a very mind invigorating peice. I wonder, what was your inspiration. If you would ever like a opinon on your work email me at Animagus1993@ . ....."

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