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Niklas Lundberg  Umea, Sweden

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About Niklas

Niklas Lundberg is a digital artist based in Umea, Sweden. He specializes in illustration and graphic design.

Lundberg recalls becoming fascinated with art and design as a child, a passion that grew year after year: ‘I love abstract art because it’s free and allows you to create concepts that are interesting and appealing to the eye.’

In 2006 he founded the one-man company Diftype, which is now a full-time occupation. His clients include Nissan, MTV Australia, Eristoff Vodka, Absolut Vodka, Cap & Design, and Computer Arts.

Apart from running his own company, Lundberg is a member of Depthcore Collective.

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"Makes the eyes happy and mind wonder."

"" Reaching in day in and day out, what am I all about, I'll search myself to decide if this machine is what I really am, through thick and thin Iv'e been transparent so you've figured me out, but in my mind I'm Opaque and to find myself I'll search this world in every fault and earthquake. " - blind pedestrian"

"Is this appealing to the eye? It looks like a Borg in utero."

"This is pretty cool! What if he used pencil and paper?..."

"Very intresting"

"I agree with Ace."

"Nice & Strange. Strange & Nice!"

"it looks amazing. love the way it all coes together.... i love this medium!!!"

"This artist feels deeply.Strugeling to over come.You dont know it but you are well on your way to freedom.Be what you want.Keep up the exceptional work.Good luck."

"This just makes you think, which I love. Great, great work. So many meanings."

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