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Tyler Varsell  Hartford, CT

'The Great Society'

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About Tyler

Tyler Varsell received a BA from University of Hartford in 2011.

Her collage and mixed media work investigate issues of identity, separation, and what she refers to as ‘serendipitous discovery.’ They are an outlet for her frustrations of society as well as a very personal search for meaning and truth.

Her work has received numerous prizes within her school as well as a Scholastic Art Awards and a RISD Artist Award.

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"Underlying American idealism is the glaring, true nature of homo sapiens and many other species - carnal insticts: uncivilized sexuality, greed, hubris, and falsehood to name a few. Not that there's anything absolutely, morally objectionable regarding these characteristics for they are natural, but juxtaposed next to the ideal, the divergency is obvious and absurd. You and I are carnal, lying about it makes us absurd. Also, empty, thoughtless comments by personalities without backbones are stupid and meaningless - so why don't you keep them to yourselves, you uncivilized dolts."

"I guess I'm not up with the times! However, I am very much connected with art, with 45 concecutive years of work that I have shared with the contemporary world. I have missed the thought of this work - the subject matter makes me veryuncomfortable, it is not where I wish to be nor do I want to confront it. It isvery dark in spirit. And, for this reason this artist said something about ourunusual sick society! Good work, but I would never want to own thiskind of work. I would never choose it for a gallery talk show."

"Very compelling and I think your work fosters some pretty curious questions. Thank you Tyler."

"I guess each person sees different things in artwork. In this piece, I see a bunch of people whose real selves have been blacked out (blocked) by our modern way of life. This has left the subjects not only not knowing who they really are and why they and their life is important but has also disconnected them from communication to and from our Divine Source. This disconnect has left them robot-like and stuck in conformity instead of being free to fully express who they are and fulfill their life purpose. As a result, this work gives a person a sense of discomfort when the artwork is viewed because it brings up the question: "Is this what has happened to me as well?""

"I really like the great society buen nivel de tensión, composición y concepto, unrequited not that ve un poco forzado y parchado"

"Very Nice!! Beautiful work."

"This lady's style isn't my cup of tea, but I can certainly appreciate others' positive comments."

"This is a pretty damn important work. The content is both subtle and bold, with the primary focus being not at all what one would consider through a quick glance or rush through. Tyler focuses her work on a core set of subjects: identity, Eros, family, and dislocation. Her collages and paintings embody a turmoil and question as to where and whom one is in this world."

"Rather disappointing in both subject matter and design - i.e. the lack of."

"Now this is right up my alley!"

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