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Jeremy Pruitt  Lakewood, CO

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About Jeremy

I was born in the wheat fields of Kansas and have always had a bit of a verve for art. Drawing plans for ant hills in his youth to poster design as an adult. A consent lurker at libraries, galleries and yard sales… just to have an opportunity of seeing, finding and learning more about art… any type of art. However, I would say that folk art, primitive cultures, naive and outsider art have made the biggest impact on me. I like the raw vivid expressiveness of it. It is art with true meaning and has a devotion to honest emotions in the mind of the maker. I try to bring that same kind honesty to life in my work.

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"Amazing artwork! S."

"Great textures and line work. Super inventive creature creation. Really nice work!"

"Your work really speaks to me. I am also an artist, busy teaching and not doing art. Your images swam through my head and I began to feel the layers and the marks. The whale picture says so very much that words could never express. I hope to see more of your work. I'm busy sharing the images down here in Kanab, Utah."

"im getting a feeling of machanical animals"

"I really enjoyed the whale image. It reminds me of the true meaning of being an artist. To create while in a lost trance of peaceful bliss. The mixed medium add depth enough to convert the troubled theme into a story worthily of consideration. I applaud you and recommend that you continue to express your talents because it may not be this image that moves the world today, but the illusion that you create tomorrow. Every moment leads to the next great accomplishment. I would enjoy viewing more of your works."

"Interesting work, Fish would look good on a platter in an Asian restaurant and KFC could use those chickens."

"Not bad but I don't under stand the meaning behaind the painting."

"marek, you're comments are absolutely ridiculous... Tell him what you think for God's sake! The work is great, primitive, simplistic in nature... but strong. Very vivid."

"It would be interesting if Jeremy did reply to Amnie the interim I think Marek has interjected with what one might like to think the artist was invoking.Annette,UK"

"Jeremy's art rules. Plus, he's one hell of a guy!"

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