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Saturno Butto  Venezia, Italy

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About Saturno

I have always tried to play around with the paintings and I like to mix things”¦ the sacred with the profane, for example. I also like to experiment and the potential of both spirit of the body, with particular attention to situations “on the edge”.

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Danijela Krha

Editor, Beautiful Bizarre magazine

"Saturno’s technique is perfection, reminiscent of past masters yet his subject matter is modern, bold and often darkly sensual. He draws upon our hidden secret desires."

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"it doesnt matter if you dont like it, the fact remains saturno has surpassed you all, your techniques and skill doesnt reach the same quality therefore you are inferior. and surely it is laughable to read a diatribe about Michael Jordan writtin by common high school basketball coach."

"As a collector of Saturno work, I've read all comments most who post do not know anything about art. Art after all is just a matter of taste for the individual & very personal. Mr. Butto has collectors in Europe who own many of his paintings which hang next to old Masters. This is his own style and he has great technique with intents deep colors. These paintings on a web site does not do justice to the dynamic colors or the size of the painting, . Most in the paintings are his friends who pose for him. Before you jump to conclusion about the artist read up on him."

"I swoon for Saturno's work, so enigmatic. Very kinked, amazing use of color and texture, delicious. Once again, beyond exceptional. Speaks to me."

"=D MORE MORE MORE!seriously, this is very eye catching& uniquei love the colorsgreat theme also [:"

"Very Well done... The women look so focused yet leave you feeling like you had just caught them off-gaurd"

"it is compelling and it is well painted. nudity or no."

"the feeling that these paintings portray is intenseand I dont think the nudity question matters very much, the people arent showing that much skin.I am having trouble identifying the purpose of the paintings but i like their use of color and their attention to detail, and agian the feelings they give off"

"i think its kiinda cool but a lityle disturbing which is not so cool but i like the detail"

"I found something very familiar and beautiful in this art, and the fact that there was nudity never really crossed my mind. Although far from the world and lifestyle in which I live, I can't help but feel a connection to the work. Maybe an awakening from a past life? As an artist, I can only see this work from my perspective, and it is wonderful."

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