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Bonnie Durham  New York, NY

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About Bonnie

Bonnie is a New York City artist who says she is inspired by the elderly, children, graffiti, toys, city life, craziness, love and deformities. Her work has been shown in galleries across New York since 2002.

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"reminds me of the book thief"

"It's pretty to look at, but still emoish and depressing at the same time."

"I love it! Emily said it seemed a bit "emo." I have to agree. Beautiful art. I think it sends a bit of a message. Keep up the good work!!!"

"I Love this woman's work. Seeing it online does not give it justice. Live is the only way to take it all in. If She has a showing near you, go see it!"

"i am looking forward to see your next piture and it is so cool and i want to say you have tatlent"

"bonita- your art is a beautiful creation just like you but thats only part of what I love about it; there's so much possibility in the world and a beauty to everything that goes unseen.. all of your art is like a reflection of LIFE: it's simply beautiful, no matter how complex you make it ;)"

"Looking forward to the next show Bon Knee. Your work continues to make me sit back and fall into a nice daze as I contemplate the many meanings of the images and mystical overtones."

"I see her talent and the colors are lovely, it is a little ??emo? for lack of a better word. however i really like the depthComment by Emily ?? February 25, 2008Emily, "emo" is a style of rock music. It's intresting to me that you see this depicted in Bonnie's work; in that, nothing is disputed in the world of artistic perception, yours is just interesting that's all..."

"Firstly, "emo" is the worst adjective to describe a work of art. I like the paintings. The colors and washes transmit an expressive tone otherwise not evident in the subjects' faces. Not so fond of skulls however."

"I think Bonnie's art is absoloutly stunning, it really deserves a 5 starrating"

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