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Juie Rattley III  Greensboro, NC

'Hometown Hangout'
'No Peace'

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About Juie Rattley

Juie Rattley III was born in Lumberton, North Carolina, and raised in a small community just outside Whiteville. He received his MFA from University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2007.

During his studies, Rattley had the chance to study with Tarleton Blackwell and quickly adopted not only his impressive oil painting method but also his optimistic worldview.

It is Blackwell who encouraged Rattley to complete a graduate degree. Upon being accepted to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Rattley was awarded a Adelaide Fortune Holderness Fellowship and a Maud Gatewood Painting Scholarship.

Upon graduation, Rattley earned experience teaching a summer youth art camp at the African American Atelier art gallery in downtown Greensboro and grades K-8 at Guildford Preparatory Academy.

Since 2008 Rattley has taught art at Winston-Salem State University. His work is exhibited across the East Coast.

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'North Carolina'


10 reactions displayed

"What a great technique! Wish I could stand back at a distance to thoroughly appreciate the palette, life size. Squinting one's eye also helps."

"This picture would make a good U S A stamp. It's great."

"I prefer the stratified color and light of the upper image more than what one might call the character study of the lower one. That being said, there were images of both styles shown on the artist's website which I thought worked better than both of these. None of the many works shown exactly blew me away, but there is an energy and action to the painting and, in turn, a working to try to bring out the inner person that are all worth encouraging. There is merit too in seeing an artist turn his eye to the too often underrepresented worlds of children, African-Americans and, also, some of the more difficult aspects of inner city life. There is dignity, color and life to be seen in all of these. I see greater work ahead as the artist develops with time."

"I love the structure of the painting as well as your use of primary colors...lots of energy in this painting and like the figure work..also, is is a warm painting, which I of my favorite painters, Jove Wang, is a master of using two primaries and chromatic grays,...he is one of the great masters and has turned out many great painters, including Leslie Rich"

"I enjoy this art form. It`s great to see that modern people like using this classic art."

"Interestingly different! Very peaceful!"

"I like the second one."

"Everyone! Run for your lives."

"The energy from these works radiates to encompass the viewer! Wonderful!"

"Very Leroy Nieman."

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