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Tjalf Sparnaay  Hilversum, The Netherlands

'French Fries'
'Coke Crush'

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About Tjalf

Tjalf Sparnaay is a self-taught painter, was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 1954.

He paints in oils on on large scale canvases to present recognizable objects from everyday life in a distinctly new light that is penetrating and gives reality ‘an added push.’ Objects are posed in a surreal or ideal environment, wherein ethereal light is suffused.

Sparnaay is greatly influenced by the style and technique of the 17th-century Dutch painters, but his subjects are distinctively modern. He aims to convey the idea that visual harmony is dictated by imperfections, both whimsical and unpredictable, contrary to the dominating ideologies of consumerist societies.

His work celebrate imperfection in hyper-realism, with an amount of detail akin to paintings from the Golden Age.

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'The Netherlands'


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"completely agree with dweezler"

"wow it looks super real and super tasty u have a delicious future ahead of u"

"The art is great but what you painted isn't interesting to me."

"Hr.Sparnaay, helemaal te gek. Ik dacht interessante foto van een bak friet. huh? Geschilderd!Dit jaar in de Kunsthal geweest, "Feest der Herkenning" Internationaal Realism. Uw werk had er makkelijk tussen kunnen hangen. Echt goed, niet alleen vanwege de techniek. Sorry everyone else, Dutch Art, Dutch compliments. Just saying that his work could easily have been showcased during an exhibition of International Realisme I visited."

"Love this! The fries look real enough to snatch up & eat, and they still have the skin on them!"

"The subject matter is both refreshing and appetizing. Both works are skilfully executed and quite brilliant."



"Makes me want to eat junk food! The fries look so crispy and good! Could not have it on my wall. How about lettuce leafs?"

"I was going to say, "Big deal, I have that exact same thing on my desk right now, want me to take a picture?" But then I read it was a painting and I was blown away by the great detail, and message by the artist."

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