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Zoran Nova  Sydney, Australia

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About Zoran

Zoran Nova grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia, half of a set of twins. These circumstances fed his desire to be recognized as a unique person and later to pursue a career in art.

Nova is heavily influenced by pop culture as well as his own experiences. His art and illustration work is also directly influenced by his background in design.

He claims to have struggled initially within confinements of style that lacked originality. But now that he has found his flare, Nova feels unstoppable.

His work has been exhibited in Sydney and Melbourne.

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10 reactions displayed

"The style isn't my cup of tea, but it's interesting to see just the same."

"hey thats Johnny Depp!"

"Zoran draws like a talented teenager."

"Is Zoran a teenager?"

"This work is amazing"

"As long as you don't loose face."

"You have created a very impressive perspective to the canvas with both of these pieces--a little realism coupled with surrealism and a heavy dose of metaphor. Best of everything to you!"

"I really like the pictures, especially the Einstein one."

"YUK. This attempt at originality is like throwing distasteful leftovers in a pot for dinner. I rarely criticize this strongly, but even the technique is lacking."

"The top piece is deeply disturbing...but then I don't watch horror movies. Both are creepy! But I must say, I see your talent. It is very difficult to break into something new that is also true to ones self. Interesting start for sure."

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