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Conny Kuilboer  Enschede, The Netherlands

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About Conny

With my work I’m searching for connections. I find them in simple objects and images I see and use daily but also in more complex subjects like religion and media. Nowadays, individualism is the standard. I want to ask questions about this. questions that summon to reflect about how people relate to each another. I research the resemblance that connect all of us. But without the intention to communicate this in an unambiguous manner. I translate this research in objects and (temporal) installations in which the application of the chosen material plays an significant role. The material I use most are blankets. It is a intriguing and polyvalent material with contradictionary qualities. blankets protect and give warmth. they suggest comfort but are really oppressive, irritating and often a fire hazard. I try to use all these medium specific qualities. But there are more reasons for me to work with blankets. they seem to absorb, have a special texture and the colours are fantastic. The application possibilities are endless. I use them in layers, with stencils etc.. Blankets have a rough texture which forces me to stylize my language of image. Therefore a continuous interaction arises within the searching and finding of the own form.

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9 reactions displayed

"Very different, very interesting artwork! S."

"Just wanted to be sure the burro was not a real (live) one. Otherwise, quite a commentary on 20th-21st century life. Keep working."

"This really works for me! We gather wild morel mushrooms commercially and this picture so reminded us of packing in for camp! Thanks for bringing out the reminience of our good times together! kudos to you!"

"Are the animals (mule, little horses) plastic or some other hard material? (difficult to tell from photos)"

"Lovely - Quirky and humorous, insightful and incisive - the softness of the materials makes them very approachable."

"I like your art overall. The pop sensibility, the satire, the materials, the gentleness contradicting the social satire. My favorite is a 2005 piece, the soft TV with a test pattern.Navigation on your website was difficult.I don't sense an inflated ego. You seem to genuinely want to entertain, and comment on our societal culture.What a relief after the provocative artists we'd gone through in the last few days."

"Absolutely wonderful... one of the first artists to have caught my attention since I began visiting Great job."

"You forgot the kitchen sink on the mule. Sorry, I don't see it. Reminds me of a bad hair day."

"funny! cool!"

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