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Eunika Rogers  Memphis, TN

'Like Dandelions in the Wind'
'Waiting to be Born'

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About Eunika

Eunika Rogers was born in Slovakia and moved to Ontario, Canada aged 13. She received an MFA from University of Memphis in 1997.

Almost all her work is rooted in nature and the female body. Inspired by nature, she aims to explore how each one changes with time, focusing on the spiritual and physical connections between body and land. This is a primary reason for painting with clay. Painting with clay is similar to fresco painting, she says. It dries quickly and once it is applied it is difficult to undo.

Wine Series consists of paintings of women drinking wine. ‘I think of a glass of wine held in a woman’s hand; wine, a symbol of life and covenant; framed by her feelings and emotions. I wonder about the time when a woman sits alone drinking her wine thinking and what great things have come from such moments,’ she says.

Rogers lives in Memphis and teaches art in Mississippi.

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"Hello,You art is extraordinary. I hope to be able to come to an exhibit to see it in person. I'm sure the photos on the internet do not do your art justice. I also wanted to inquire on obtaining a print from this Wine series. I would like to frame for my home. If you would let me know. Looking forward to your future work. Thank you for sharing! Angelica"

"Do you have prints for sale?"

"Very nice!"

"Having worked extensively with ceramics, it is refreshing to see work done in an unconventional manner with such a medium. Discipline in paint is one thing but discipline in clay as paint is another. Kudos"

"A serious expression of art-mind on canvas....."

"these paintings are wonderful and the way she uses the lightness and darkness in there is perfect"

"It evokes emotion and attitudes that are both unattractive and easy to relate to. I like the light and color too."

"Nuthin' wrong with mud, but it's not what the cavemen used to paint their caves with. I get a bigger kick wrestling in it, or making pies with it or just letting it hit the fan."

"Let's be real here. It's impossible to make a bad painting of a cute chick in her underwear. Having said that, they still look nicely gritty. Very well rendered."

"Impressive, insightful work carried out in an uncommon medium that imbues the portraits with even greater meaning. Good and skillful work -- you're on a good path -- keep sharing with the rest of us. I've bookmarked your blog to keep an eye out for further works of depth, maturity and honesty."

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