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Dan Lydersen  San Francisco, CA

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About Dan

My recent paintings are a reconciliation between past and present, particularly in regard to Western culture’s notions of spirituality and the relationship between society and nature. Drawing from a variety of contemporary and historical sources, from the Renaissance to modern cinema, literature and popular culture, the paintings are an attempt to come to terms with the present through the immediate marriage of today’s visual culture with that of the past. Both theatrical and satirical, comical and somber, the paintings pose a view of humanity that is steeped in the existential turmoil that lies between materiality and spirituality, where society trudges persistently forward into the future while the human search for meaning and purpose as mortal animals remains unresolved.

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"I love it.Hilarous and interesting!keep it up!"

"Wow your artwork is amazing. It evoked that feeling of present/past fused before i even read your description of it.You not only make kickass artwork but you are great at porposefully evoking specific thoughts and ideas with it. i'll definitely be looking for more of your's great!"

"the art work with the man on the top i great! Makes me think of high diving. Keep up the excellent work"

"OMG wow it's so cool and very intresting i think the person who made this is very unique and special"

"Thank you for submitting your awsome work so I can enjoy it !!!! You are a fantastic surreal artist ! My favorite painting is "Soft Serve""

"Fantastic stuff!"

"Good detail, unique, strong use of color. Not my favorite subject matter, I don't feel attached to it, but strong technically speaking."

"This art is really cool! The detail is awesome and i could never do something like that. Good job, Dan!"

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