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Joseph Noderer  Austin, TX

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About Joseph

Joseph Noderer was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1978. He received a BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 2001 and an MFA from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006.

For him, painting is a vehicle to express myriad influences and a worldview. He derives inspiration chiefly from his surroundings—the inside of his apartment, the neighborhood he lives in. ‘I know these places, and it is important to me to paint about something that I feel I know about, or have experience of,’ says Noderer. ‘I also look to places outside of Chicago that I have loved and found important.’

The area of his hometown in Western Pennsylvania still informs all aspects of his work, from subject matter to color palette. Apart from personal associations, Noderer sees in these places reflections of traditional American culture—folk stories, music, and painting. He paints in order to feel a part of these traditions, an extension of them.

His work has been extensively exhibited across Chicago.

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"I like the colors, and the material they chose to paint, but i dont like the brush stokes. :/"

"just wanted to check out your site. thanks."

"The buildings look realistic but the grass, sky, etc. looks like a paint by number. For me, the colors are too bland and I, myself like brighter colors for nature. I can see through your paintings the angst of your world and the beauty; it makes me feel as if I have been there and lived in your world, walked in your shoes."

"these pictures remind me of my childhood. things i have seen."

"I wish you did old barns.Here in Illinois we have the most charming barns and I think you would be good at it.I admired your work!"

"I like the color choice:)"

"i like the subtlety of colour and the contrast between block areas and the finer line work - works with the semi-dereliction subjects very well. they also look almost like screen-prints or well-executed lino-cuts. would like to have known titles though - an extra dimension."

"they all mean somthing to you and you have made them so they can all mean somthing to me or some other lucky perosn that comes across them. i love the feeling they give you and the sky helps you show that there isnt the most pure of human beings but there is some good still in them i hope you enjoy makeing them and others enjoy looking at them thank you"

"the sky shows to me that we still leave it unclean and pure the grass and everything els left untame shows that you are not perfect but still willing to make a difference or a change and you want to be a welcoming person. Your work is different and warm as if i can feel you making me laugh and feel happier than ever thank you"

"Love the simplicity of it - but you still can feel the story behind it. Would love to see more and hear the stories behind them."

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