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Gehard Demetz  Selva di Val Gardena, Italy

'How you reacted was right'
'Life without Christmas'

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About Gehard

Gehard Demetz was born in Bolzano, Italy, in 1972. Since his artistic debut in 2005 he has been internationally recognised for his excellence of craftsmanship and for applying traditional woodcarving technique to subjects that appeal to contemporary viewers.

His sculptures of children are intended to be at once attractive and disquieting, and are rendered with a precision that is by no means rhetorical or classical. One of the most startling technical features is his method of using small woodblocks. Finely polished pieces are juxtaposing with rough and sketchy surfaces. This construction and treatment render his sculptures unique in the contemporary wood sculpture market.

Demetz has been invited by prominent galleries to exhibit across the US and in Spain, Germany, and Korea. He has also produced monumental sculptures on commission for collectors around the world.

Recommended by our guest curators

Patrick Earl Hammie

Chicago, IL artist

"Demetz’s work echoes many of my own interests in dialoguing with humanistic and spiritual narratives, and art history. His use of Christian iconographies and allusions present a jarring challenge to viewer’s expectations of beauty, materiality, and subject matter.”"

Sayaka Ganz

Fort Wayne, IN artist

"Demetz's sculptures are hauntingly beautiful human forms that are visually engaging and speaks to the viewer's soul. The smooth and finely crafted surfaces are juxtaposed with the darkness of the geometric voids within, creating a sense of deep loss and sorrow."

Jason deCaires Taylor

Cancun, Mexico artist

"Gerhard the second sculptor of my pick, appeals to me as he has truly mastered the traditional technique of woodcarving. He is so adept at changing the narrative of his pieces by altering the textures and finish of the wood, from sharp lines to more abstract cartoon like clothing, an incredibly hard skill to achieve in such an unforgiving material."

Michael Ruple

Director, Arcadia Contemporary

"Gerhard's sculptures are so unique with his use of hard edged pixelated blocks to the polished almost porcelain finish in his technique paired with the dark allegorical narrative using innocent children as his subject the duality is palpable! As you walk around his sculptures you get an eye into his process while at the same time seeing the work either glitch out one pixel at a time or masterfully coming into hyper focus!"

Marco Mazzoni

Milan, Italy artist

"He's a sculptor who has been able to create something different with the human figure… It's strange but when I see his work I can see that his work is Italian and smells of Italy. An important thing for me is to feel the genius loci of an artist"

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"Let kids be kids...but with a true watchful eye on safety first...even if it makes them a little sad...Thanks for reminder..."

"Your wood carving skills is brilliant."

"veryy gooodd preetyy coooooll...."

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