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Nava Lubelski  Asheville, NC

'1998 Tax File'
'Rejection Letters'

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About Nava

Nava Lubelski holds a BA degree in Russian Language, Literature and History from Wesleyan University, Connecticut.

Her work contrasts aggression with masochistic patience and sublimation, in an exploration of the impulse to destroy and the compulsion to mend.

She juxtaposes rapid acts of destruction with paradoxically painstaking and time-consuming labor. Lubelski aims for the embroidery, which is blatantly insufficient to masks any stain or rip beneath it, as a narrative of accident.

Tax Files is a series of shredded-paper sculptures, created by collecting masses of documents and then grouping each one, by its content, until all the information was neatly organized by color: deposit slips, pay stubs, receipts, tax forms. The result is map that is reminiscent of tree cross-sections.

The re-use of paper and the ‘repairs’ of the original tree are an expression of personal despair regarding the wasteful and unsustainable way in which we live, but it is also responding to the impulse to hoard and keep what we no longer need.

Her work has been extensively exhibited nationwide and she has received numerous awards, including most recently a 2010 Artist Fellowship Award from Arts Council in North Carolina, where she lives.

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"WhyTF is everyone bashing on this girl for her artistic purpose description? You know the artists don't write those things themselves right? I see nothing "pretentious" in the art itself and that is exactly what matters. I enjoy the concept anyways."

"Aren't all artists "full of themselves?" You kinda have to be to be creative!"

"I do not think her work is pretentious at all. There was an Artist trying to be permanent on the Home & Garden Channel. One thing I thought was really creative was he took brown wrapping paper. Crushing and stapling it to one wall. Great idea! Like Nava's work. the people that don't like her work...try doing something yourself with paper,,,besides wiping your butt."

"This work makes me feel anxious."

"Beautiful? Yes. Pretentious? YES."

"I agree with LarryK. This artist is full of themselves. It turns me off to the work."

"Beautiful. Clever. Creative."

"Painstaking detail no doubt, however; the overall compositions, I feel, take away from the details. One must get past a mixmaster of stuff to appreciate. More flow and representative color would be awesome."

"Wow, can I get this for a 20 inch diameter large pot? This will protect my counter-top from heat up to what temperature? Most pretentious artist description award. Vocabulary words used: juxtapose, contradiction, compulsion, narrative, manifestation. . . I think I've seen the same ridiculous description on wine bottles."

"Love her thread on canvas pieces."

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