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Claire Fontaine  Paris, France

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About Claire

Claire Fontaine is part of a Paris-based collective founded in 2004. She declared herself a “readymade artist” after lifting her name from a popular brand of exercise books and immediately set about elaborating on a neo-conceptual brand of art designed to resemble the work of others.

Her neon signs, videos, sculptures, paintings and text are an ongoing interrogation of the political impotence and the crisis of singularity that defines contemporary art. Fontaine regards herself as the subjective equivalent of a urinal or a Brillo box–displaced, deprived of its use value, and interchangeable as the objects she produces.

She uses her youth and controversial opinions to make herself a whatever-singularity and an existential terrorist, in search of self-defined emancipation. Her creative practice grows in a climate depraved of any notion of authorship, she explains. Fontaine experiments with collective protocols of production, détournements, and the production of devices for sharing intellectual and private property.

Her work has been exhibited at among others Arbeit Macht Kapital, Kubus, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau, München, They Hate Us For Our Freedom, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Lucky In The Misfortune, Masion Descartes, Institut Français des Pays-Bas, Amsterdam, Feux de Détresse, and Galerie Chantal Crousel.

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"I too question it as "art". I appreciate the statement though. It feels a little like "Well, then let them eat cake." It seems out of touch with reality. They don't hate us for our freedom, they envy our freedom, they hate us for our government and equate "us" with our government. Consumption is but a symptom of the privilaged, which most people, given the opportunity and enough isolation from the pains of the majority of our population on this planet, will succome to. Lets get to know one another, lets share our good fortune."

"Est-ce que tu te fous de moi? you call this art?"

"This is art?"

"I love it. Fontaine provides harsh criticism of modern society, unforgiving, blunt. It's wonderful. The second piece especially showcases her views on certain views in our culture, perhaps our own myopia and ignorance specifically concerning government and political matters."

"I actually like the second one - looks as if the words have been burned up which I equate to acts of terrorism around the world."

"Andy is right."

"That is up there with the most spectacular artist statements I've ever read, it is at once pretentious and elitist. In fact the way you write seems contradictory to the things you are trying to say.They hate you not for your freedom but for your stupid words."

"My Aunt had Consumption. No wait that is Frank McCourt. Nice work. I enjoy the lack of mysterious women staring off in to space."

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