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Amy Casey  Cleveland, OH

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About Amy

For about the last eight years, I’ve been experiencing a sporadically recurring dream about the end of the world. Animals stampeding and buildings falling into dust around me, I wake up in a panic and with a heavy sense of inevitability. Although I’m not trying to recreate this dream in my work, I think that like my dream, my paintings reflect my view of the nervous state of affairs the world seems to be in.

Inspired by natural and unnatural disasters, personal fiascoes and the never ending stream of bad news coming in from the media, a relentless mob of curious plant-like creatures and other disasters have swarmed over the painted landscapes, threatening the creatures and life within. Like us, the creatures in my work stumble through the best they can; given their circumstances. Acting out of vulnerability they try to create security but sometimes, like us, end up kicking their own asses. I am fascinated by the resilience of life. Every disaster is followed by rebirth, where we hike up our boots, duct tape our lives back together and try to cobble together a ‘plan b” out of what remains.

My paintings document my love of both the urban landscape, and small twisted creatures.

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Josh Keyes

Portland, OR artist

"Amy’s cityscapes are both playful and tragic, and look like some surreal stage set for a contemporary take on a Charles Dickens’s play. You can’t help moving your eyes up and around the walkways and strands that bind and hold the buildings and shelters together. The strong graphic elements and intense detail give these teetering structures a compelling tactile quality, a visual labyrinth for the eye to get pleasantly lost in."

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"thanks for the thoughts, everyone!my website and statement need to be updated a bit, i think! sorry!"

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"Awesome work! Will pop by Rosenthal when I'm next in San Francisco"

"My grandson is receiving his Masters in Urban Design and I would love to gift him with one of your so very creative artworks. Where could I see the selection and prices ? I live in Cleveland. Either in person at a gallery here or online. Thank you. By the way he is only 24 and just got married to his high school sweetheart last May!!"


"I really really like these paintings and look forward to seeing more in the same spirit. I noticed one of the commenters about felt it necessary to offer his gratuituous criticisms of the work but there are always nimrods who feel this compulsion. I just went through some heavy negative blogging with a t-shirt I had up on shirt.woot and the degree of pointlessness was beyond measure. I would urge those who need to feel better by putting down the work of others to find a meaningful hobby like, say, stamp collecting. Jim Kaufmann"

"I wish I hadn't read your "on her work" before really looking at your art. I would have interpreted your art a little differently. I would have read them to be more about "the fragility of physical and culture worlds being held together by the interconnections between homes, businesses and communittees. And after seeing some of your work from 2006 I'd say you've uncovered a very strong style and created a great body of work."

"amazing stuff. thank you"

"your paintings are at least interesting to look at opposed to the same old flowers in a vase or picture of some people.i think your colors are delightful.and your intricate details are amazing.i too am fascinated by the resiliance of life with all the chaos going on. i think you portray this well in your paintings.thank you for sharing your work"

"I love it, i think its a brilliant picture, its very unique"

"It reminds me of the loosely designed urban planning of L.A.'s suburban sprawl. Though L.A. is one of the largest (population and space) cities in the U.S., I can't say there's much coherency with the freeways and roads being the only means to efficiently get around. However, your painting sparks the complexity of Los Angeles and my love/hate relationship with this city of boosterism. Thank you."

"I got exactly what you described from your art. I wasn't sure how I felt about it initially, but it is definitely making a statement. I The more I look at it the more I like it."

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