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Mark Wagner  Brooklyn, NY

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About Mark

Mark Wagner was in the rural Midwest in 1976, into a family of a dozen brothers and sisters.

Upon leaving the sandbox at the age of fourteen he embarked on a artistic career in writing, collage, and bookmaking. His work can be divided into independent and distinct categories which are nonetheless linked in both nature and theme.

His creative practice includes writing and bookmaking to drawing, collage, and assemblage. In whatever media he tends towards meticulous production and solid graphic presentation that is often fantastical, surreal, and interdisciplinary.

In 1999, Wagner co-founded Brooklyn Artists Alliance, an artist-run, nonprofit organization based in New York, whose mission is to promote artist books as an art form and educational resource.

His work has been exhibited at Metropolitan Museum, Getty Research Institute, and Brooklyn Museum and collected by Museum of Modern Art, Walker Art Center, Library of Congress, and others.

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"I am very excited to see this work. I will be teaching my students about collage and photomontage in the next month. The plan was to study Picasso, Braque, and Roman Beard. I would love to show them your work as well. Nothing gets students excited like a current artist at work."

"You are awesome....I'm todally showing my students your work. Brilliant idea on collaging."

"[...] via   TAG: art • arunema • collage About the author @fontastiko - Non credo in Bio. [...]"

"his work is made out of real paper money. The bottom picture is a picture of chuck close hes a very famous artist"

"really detailed and creative!!! i love the money and the letter c as the eyes in the second one!!! i really like the tree details of the first one as well and including the former president is also very interesting and creative!!! it's cool that he also founded a non-profit organization supporting artists books!!"

"The first one is great, but the second is very creepy. The guys eyes are very intense"

"chuck close parody is pretty good"

"This work is amazing i really like all the money too lol great work love it"

"I see no Bosch in these works (@Stephanie); however, the second piece seems remarkably influenced by Chuck Close. Could even be his likeness? Perhaps, I'm reading too much into it, but each pupil is a "c.""

"that is the most WONDERFUL piece ever"

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