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Michael Ferris Jr.  New York, NY

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About Michael Ferris

Conceptually, my sculpture has been directly inspired by the immortal narratives from Chinese lore. Immortals are beings that begin their existence as human but over time enlightenment transforms them spiritually and physically into creatures that can travel between this world and other realms. I am particularly fascinated by the dual nature of this idea. The immortals have embraced their regular humanity so completely that they ironically have become visually and metaphorically something other than ‘normal”.

I suggest this duality by synthesizing the sculpture’s involved and rhythmic surface with its classical form. Ultimately I am interested in creating both a vibrating and stoic humanistic presence, that is intended to imply the psychological and spiritual complexity within. The sculptures also have maintained their average and everyday names like Butch, Sam and Jane. This is another direct way the dual nature of the immortal is implied.

My work consists of wood forms surfaced with a self-invented wood overlay method related to the intarsia technique. The coloration of each work is achieved by the wood tiles natural hue in conjunction with acrylic pigmented grout. I use only discarded wood in the creation of each piece. Inlaid gaming tables from the Middle East have played a particularly important role in the aesthetic formation of this work.

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"Amazing work. Love it! "

"pic a; overwhelmed by a view of the philosophy culture and tradition a community."

"i think it's beautiful. i don't know that it takes real artistic talent to create it - more artisanry than art."

"Ok, this is modern sculpture.. 1-5 stars... "3""


"Wow! simply amazing!"

"what intricate details! must have taken a lot to present so many details"

"Wow... truly captivating... it's on that border of sacrilige/beauty that really hits the current socio-cultural nerve."

"I saw your drawing "Empire 1969" at the De Young in SF and made a note of your name. That drawing was so incredibly intense and so beautifully rendered. You have brought those same qualities into this work."

"boring. prehistoric. traditional."

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