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Christian Tagliavini  Lugano, Switzerland

'Portrait of young woman'
'Lady Clotilde'

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About Christian

Christian Tagliavini was born in 1971, and educated in Italy and Switzerland, where he currently lives and works as an graphic designer and a photographer. The double location is for him the perfect frame and background to create images that blend concept and craftsmanship.

His photography explores often rare or unusual concepts and subjects. Tagliavini aims to create not merely portraits but exciting collisions of circumstances. Likewise, he regards each portrait as an open-ended story that should make demands on his viewer.

His work has been exhibited across Europe.

Recommended by our guest curators

Natalie Shau

Vilnius, Lithuania artist

"What can i say, i love portrait photography, i love classic light, i love historical costumes and i love photo art! Christian Tagliavini is a brilliant photographer with endless imagination, his use of shapes, colors and light is stunning."

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'Eye Contact'



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"well she defo knows how to do her makeup and he knows how to take a picture, looks really good and plain is always best, way to go Christian!!"

"Okay Lincoln. Your trying to be too poetic without reason in critique. Keep it simple."

"So bizarre~"


"I Like it."

"Absolutely beautiful."

"Incredibly creative"

"This is so very interesting. the elongating of the neck shows a tad bit more beauty."

"I could almost see the hat flip down to cover the front of the face and the neck... LOL"

"I quit necking in high school"

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