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Christopher Stott  Saskatoon, SK, Canada

'Good Times'
'Our School'

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About Christopher

After earning a BFA with High Honors and a Distinguished Exhibition in 2003 from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Stott worked in photography in the fine art department at that university. Being immersed in the rapidly changing and technical world of photography, he left to pursue the painting studio, where the digital world was shut out and the tradition of oil painting honored. For the next several years, he studied and practiced, building and perfecting his skills, and continues to do so with a prolific studio career.

Stott’s work is almost object portraiture, applying traditional still life compositions and lighting but ventures beyond time honored subject matter. Stott takes his cues from various eras of art including the interiors of Vermeer, the still life of Chardin to the realism of Thiebaud. With the addition of retro, vintage and antique objects like rotary telephones, typewriters, electric fans, and alarm clocks, he links the old with the new and applies a subtle narrative to his work, often with a quiet sense of humor.

The banal and ordinary subjects of his work are painted in a celebratory way, turning them in to iconic vestiges of the not so distant past. The simple yet bold compositions are set in variations of neutral grey and white tones. The paintings have repetition, rhythm and an emphasis on the basic geometric designs of the subjects with their finger firmly on the pulse of contemporary representational art.

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1 comment from the artist

"These books come from a heritage village near the rural town where my parents both grew up. As a child visiting my grandparents, I'd play around the old school house, town hall, blacksmith, doctors clinic, etc. Only ever being able to peer in the windows at the piles of books and other objects.Recently these buildings were opened, by the antique association that manage them, for a festival. It was my first opportunity in 25 years to go inside and see the books and titles up close. As a painter it just seemed obvious what to do next.The books are primary readers, health, history, science and social studies texts from the 1940s, 50s and 60s."

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"sorry christopher, thought that is was a photo, but now i know it's a painting then, wow. i guess i do need to see this in a gallerey so i can tell that it's a painting. better than i ever could, my fave so far!! all thumbs up"

"Unique ideas but not my cup of tea, and would not catch my eye in a gallerey but just my opinion"

"two of my favorite things together. Painting and Books. perfection!"

"these are painted? wow...I thought they were pictures"


"This is a work of genius. These are amazing. OMG!"

"I love to read books so this is a fantastic piece to me. when i first looked at it i thought it was a photo or a still life. this is very fantastic. I LOVE THIS PAINTING! Great job Christopher!"

"I love books and I love paintings of books even more! Nice work."

"What beautiful paintings! I am a non-traditional student studying to be an elementary school teacher, and I work in the library. So, you can imagine how these two works speak to me. A few of my favorite artists include Maxwell Parrish and NC Wyeth; I think I will add Mr. Stott to my list as well!"

"What was it about the books you chose that caught your eye? Are the books generic or was there some quality or qualities about those you selected?"

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