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Leif Podhajsky  Melbourne, Australia

'Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Album Art'
'New Young Magic - Melt album artwork'

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About Leif

Leif Podhajsky is an self-taught artist and a creative director. He has worked for agencies on a freelance basis for over five years.

Podhajsky is fascinated by connectedness. His work explores the relatedness of nature and psychedelic or altered experiences with the chief aim to encourage the viewer ‘to realign himself with his surroundings.’

He has been commissioned by record labels including Warp Records, Modular Records, Sub Pop Records, Sony Music, and created artwork for artists such as Shabazz Palaces, Lykke Li, and Tame Impala.

His work has been exhibited in Berlin, The Netherlands, and Australia. He has also been invited to speak at design conference Semi Permanent.

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"This work is like a visual of what ADHD would look like if there was no medical term for it. Too much voltage. Sorry, I vote 'no'."

"Fast, quick, dynamic."

"Recognized the Tame Impala cover immediately. Your stuff is very cool indeed!"

"Wow Techno-ish! :D"

"Adds a psychedelic edge to an otherwise beautiful but typical fall foliage image and bumps it up to supra-mundane. Thus altering your perception of reality as real art is intended to do. Thanx."

"This morning I was listening to tame impala then I look here and the art on my shirt is here. Exciting!"

"Very cool mind-expanding work. Dig it!"

"I can hear the music. Nicely done."

"Like the effort. Yet reminds me of something I heard a long time ago???If a human tries to pull the petals off of a rose, it dies. If God's creation is allowed to bloom on its own?... it survives... something like that... neat art."

"speaks of eternity, the quick observation of a lazy mind"

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