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Michael Kellner  Columbus, OH

'Out and back'
'Again and again'

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About Michael

Michael Kellner holds a BFA from the University of Louisville and a MFA from the University of Cincinnati.

He recalls the start of his own creative career as the discovery of Peter Eisenman’s redesign of the Design, Art, Architecture and Planning building at the University of Cincinnati: ‘They were stacked up on a table outside the printmaking studio, yellowing with age. I didn’t understand exactly what I was looking at, but every line in those blueprints was perfect.’

In his own work, Kellner tries to incorporate some of Eisenman’s style into his own work, such as the ability to indicate precision with several lines and create an illusion of depth where there is none. Kellner is an active artist, student, teacher, husband, father, runner, reader, music collector and filmgoer, although not always necessarily in that order.

He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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"i agree tms. i find myself squinting to see. i think i would enjoy it much more if i could see them up close and personal. they do intrigue me tho. kudos artist."

"I think these (what the artist's website describes as "Drawings On Mylar" must need to be seen large and in-person for them to translate well for viewing. Simply seen here, I can appreciate the skill of the architectural type drawings, but fail to apprehend the beauty or intent of the comtemporizing abstractions of overlaying or mixed-in color. I found myself appreciating much better the artist's digital photographic prints found on his website. The intentional blurring of focus on those created fields of color and shape that were, in that format, far easier for me to enjoy or with which to mentally tangle. I gave him a higher score based on the inclusion of those prints in his overall gallery of work."

"I really like this work, especially the Polaroid series."

"Like the detail, depth, and use of color. Would appreciate more with long overdue new prescription."

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