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Fidencio Martinez  Memphis, TN

'Bare Lands Afar Timely Homes'
'A Coup Beneath Meek Flores'

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About Fidencio

Fidencio Martinez paints in exploration of a range of identity issues, most importantly race and alienation.

He regards his creative practice as a form of atonement for being brought up in a privileged nation instead so nearby his ravaged motherland, Mexico. By manipulating newspaper headlines about border fatalities, drugs, and corruption, he hopes to draw attention to these issues. His goal is to inspire viewers to seek out more information.

His work contains metaphors such as stained paper, to represent the marginalization of his people and the compromised reputation of a once prosperous land.

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6 reactions displayed

"These are not badly painted, but very of boring. I've seen these sort of paintings before."

"one word, modern."

"Yes, captivating and very interesting! Not quite perfect on the portraiture."

"The artwork is admirable. I'm uncomfortable with the sense of blame accompanying the art."

"I really enjoyed these pieces. I actually did a project for a design class this past semester using newspaper and was very happy with the outcome. I also really like the artist's choice of subject."

"beautiful and captivating"

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