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Stephen Magsig  Detroit, MI

'CoagulaRiver Landscape'
'Crosby and Howard'

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About Stephen

Stephen Magsig paints often-overlooked elements of the America, more specifically the collision between nature and urbanization in Detroit—vanishing industry, sunlit houses, storefronts, prairie.

He applies oils to linen canvas or panel in wet layers one on top of another, known as the Alla Prima method. Although his paintings are mostly representational, Magsig is more committed to story than exact replication.

He is in the process of documenting Detroit in a series of small paintings. Since 2007 he has produced over 1,300 images of Detroit that have been exhibited and collected nationwide.

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"Hopper! It absolutely is awesome!"

"I love the colors in both paintings, ironically vibrant at times. I appreciate his ability to pull beautiful imagery from urban structures most of us pass by each day without noticing."

"Pretty paintings for sure. But old broken down buildings are that way for a reason. Riverside commerce is long gone because there is little need to carry it along the rivers. They flood, they freeze over, they are full of locks. Those buildings are full of asbestos, lead paint, various toxins inside. I say tear that shit down and build a safe building a safe distance from the river and a new part of town. What about the people working in thses buildings that lost limbs and worked 60 plus hours a week as a child."

"My opinion. The city has moved away from the riverside. There is hope by politians to revive it. This generates more money in taxes because of the close density and infra structure already there. It's far cheaper than to build a new development in the outsirts of town which is what people really want.(to raise a family) The old Detroit is gone, your pictures are pretty."

"It's great to see your work here. I hope everyone visits your site to see the amazing body of work you have produced! Your large paintings are exquisite and your smaller "daily paintings" give everyone a chance to own a masterful work of art. Bravo!"

"this pantings are quite pretty but they are awsome :]."

"I just love this work. It tells a story. I see a story about my time in history in this great society. Like a forgotten dream. Nothing digital there."

"Great to see your work here! I hope everyone follows the link to your site to see what an amazing body of work you have produced! The larger works are exquisite, and the smaller 'daily paintings' you produce make it possible for anyone to own a masterful work of art. Detroit has a true gift in you!"

"Oh my gosh! When I first saw these images, I thought they were photographs on my igoogle page. Wow. The way the water is captured is especially real-looking. WOW."

"Your paintings are, as you know, quite striking. Though, I am most contented you are able to beautifully represent WHY you have made these images. You are extremely talented, not only in hand - but in mind."

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