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Anna Higgie  Bristol, Avon, UK

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About Anna

I have completed a degree [BFA] in Painting at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia, and have recently finished studying Illustration and Typographic Design at the London College of Communication.

My work has appeared in publications including Dazed and Confused, Placed, Anthem, Plan B and Grafuck.

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"I like it, I checked out your website too. Its like early sixties style illustration/graphic art. my mother use to draw just like this, stark. its cool"

"wow that is like my dads chest hair"

"it's very funky and that's why i luv it!!"

"I like peanut butter. Still looking for the art in the 2 pictures sorry."

"I agree with Klaus. The first one really pushes your conceptual design. The bottom photo, though you are a talented painter, looks like it can be done on photoshop. However, I am looking at it through a computer screen."

"Yes, I agree with both of these other people. The first one... actually... I like less than the bottom one. It's cool and all but I think that the bottom one sends off a stronger impact on me... perhaps it is just me."

"I love the top image--totally rocks! Less crazy about the bottom one... not as interesting but I love the black and white one!"

"I liked Anna's Runway Fashion Models on her website. Absolutely no irony. She sincerely likes runwaway models. Very straightforward technique."

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