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Luca Mantovanelli  London, UK

'Todiramphus miyakoensis'
'Ectopistes migratorius'

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About Luca

Luca Mantovanelli is a young Italian architect and illustrator, currently based in London.

He illustrates in pencil and oils. His latest series is an erotic set of compositions of young gay men and birds.

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"well....thats nice"

"that it so pretty i love it"

"Birds near the face creep me out! Hitchcock. That aside, the works are beautiful."

"Snarky art comment."

"This guy seems happy around bird life. He knows who and where he fits in socially."

"lolz, I didn't the paragraph :p still, it's nice"

"Love the birds"

"Love the pictures! Why do we have to label individuals."

"@BlankmanMy comment had nothing to do with you as your comment was not even posted at the time....please relax. Of course all are entitled to their opinion which is why I posted mine. @Jean rennaisNot sure what you're trying to convey in your comment but perhaps you should continue to eat your checkers."

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