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Luis Toledo  Madrid, Spain

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About Luis

Luis Toledo is an illustrator from Madrid, Spain.

Ever since he was young he has explored the hidden meanings of images, dissecting the mystery of beauty he recognized in them. A meticulous collector, he would gather grain by grain illustrations, textures, and fragments, where he found them.

His collections have been invaluable to his later digital collage work. Toledo began his career as a graphic designer for music projects. He currently works as an art director.

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"Love your art work ,am an artist from Africa and would like to work with you .Lily H."

"Art can reflect the state of mind, feelings impression of artist...meaning one human spirit, we are billions each with unique ways of seeing the art does not require like or not. approval or dis- approval just one person illusion of reality as perceived by him/her and the meaning hidden or times clear, serves to expand your understanding maybe? I just look at it and do not try to interpret his meaning but if you respond it says something about your way of seeing."

"Very cool I do believe!"

"Would love this on my wall!"

"This is beautiful in it's complexity, especially the work on the website which has more of a background. I really enjoy it."

"A world inside of a world... I like it"

"The level of detail is impressive"

"Illustration is mostly useful in advertising, the artist has to be ready to offer unlimited creativity, originality and versatility."

" work aggravates my senses. Too much going against a dead background."

"Colorful - a little absurd and surrealistic -"

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