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Jeff Simpson  Montreal, QC, Canada

'Faerie 01'

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About Jeff

Jeff Simpson received a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, in 2007.

His work borders on the surreal. In his digital paintings, Simpson strives to create sci-fi characters that are both smoothly rendered and full of sharp detail.

His work has been awarded 20 Gold Awards by CGHub. He currently works as a concept artist at Ubisoft in Montreal.

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'Smoke Break'

5 reactions displayed

"Dig the complex and evocative work. Nice."

"i love this work."

"This is awesome I mean seriously! It may just be me, but I am AMAZED by this art! No no not art masterpeice(s) I mean i'm in Junior High and people at my school would probably be bored with any art, but I believe once they see this they will be in a trance! I wish I could draw this good, but sadly that wish would never come true (most likely). Well i guess I'll stick to drawing anime, chibi, and mangas for now....I just love this artwork and! Thank you for showing us all these wonderful artist and opening our dull eyes filling them with vibrant colors and such!"

"Impeccable skill! Just not crazy about the subject matter."

"Beautiful! I love how they make me do a double take and really think about what's going on in the painting."

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