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Carles Gomila  Ciutadella de Menorca, Spain

'Blacklist I'

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About Carles

Carles Gomila was born in Ciutadella de Menorca in 1978.

His tender but sometimes disturbing paintings are influenced by both Mediterranean art and European Surrealism. Many of his works depict classical subjects, such as the with a contemporary twist.

The subjects of his paintings range from small (weather dials, cocks) to monumental (Medusa, Virgin Mary). While clearly rooted in the figurative tradition, his figures seem to owe as much to his imagination as anatomical studies.

His work has been exhibited in Spain, Italy and England.

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'Snake Charming'

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"Sure I am not an expert on Art but I love you work. I love the atmosphere you create, your characters' eyes give out a special insight, a sort of mirror-like meaning. I can gather a communication. This is Art for me; because your paintings eyes expressions make me stop and tell me something about myself."

"That first image, 'Blacklist I' is gorgeous. As far as posters who opine that things like this are unoriginal, I wonder to what you refer... clowns? As if artists like Picasso, Cezanne, Velazquez, Arbus, Witkin, Dine, etc. are unoriginal for using images of clowns and harlequins, saltimbanques and freaks of nature, may we all be lucky to be so unoriginal."

" agree with Tms although I will add that this type of expression reminds me of the cut and paste activities I did as a child with my grandmother. We would cut pictures out of magazines and glue them onto paper, creating a collage effect. I am unable to find, nor do I desire to find, what the artist is trying to convey."

"love it"

"Though there is a part of me that would like to commend the artist on ability or for allowing his personal vision of creativity to boil over onto the page or canvas, but there is such a glut of this genre of work on the world market today that I find it very difficult to find it likable or even original. It may take the passage of time to find the wheat amongst the chaff and then we'll be able to find in which category this work appears. Please keep growing your skills and vision and then sharing with the rest of us. I hope to see better, more original work from this talented man in the future."


"really nice!1"

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