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Randall Fischer  Los Angeles, CA

'The News'

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Randy Fischer was born in Jackson, California, in 1985. He’s currently studying illustration at Pasadena Art Center College of Design.

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"The News" (the top painting) gives me some feeling of what if Degas met Manet's "Bar At The Folies Bergères" met Dali met Pat Steir. I don't get the same feeling from the lower one and prefer other works shown on the artist's website to it. The artist's website contains paintings and graphic design work. I found that, of those two divisions of work, I much prefer his paintings (though, even within the paintings, I found some impressive hits and few, scattered "not so much" pieces.)

Over all I like the painting but it's a little Monet' for my tastes. I prefer more clean lines when it comes to human figures.

* classicaly feminine and over all i like the painting as Randy Fischer has captured this certain persons beauty! :)

I do also believe that the jawline and cheeks look masculine , also the ear are to further down then they should be - top of eye should meet top of ear when measuring with strait accurate line. I also believe that the above is more successful, the neck as a whole and darker area's of the neck are really well produced, in this painting the ears line perfectly with eyes jawline is very classicaly meninges and over all i like the painting as Randy Fischer and captured this certain persons beauty! :)

Very impressive.


Both are interesting compositions. The second one appears to be very androgenous - largely female features, but the nose and jawline look male - intentional? The streaks on the neck just look messy. I personally prefer the first one.

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