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Robert Bissell  San Francisco, CA

'Transformation (Fusion)'

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About Robert

Robert Bissell was raised in rural Somerset, England, and received an MFA in design from Royal College of Art, London.

Bissell started documenting his surroundings at a young age, and his love of art, rural life, Celtic legends and panoramic landscapes has never lessened. After graduating, he moved to San Francisco to start a successful career in retail advertising. Fifteen years later, he decided to devote all his time to painting.

His paintings explore the idea that animals have a metaphysical importance to our own spiritual well-being. In a world devoid of animals, we as humans would be compelled to reconsider our relation to nature. While whimsical at first glance, there is underlying tension and precariousness in his images.

Bissell currently lives in Northern California and regularly exhibits in museums and galleries across the United States and Europe.

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"I just found out about Robert Bissell painting, and love them all. I loved the bear swimming under the sea with fish around him. I am amazed by his beautiful art work. I think that his work is one of a kind. Pari"

"I wish Robert would develop his designs into a wall paper mural so that it could be incorporated into home decorating and design. It would be nice to be enveloped into the playful nature he depicts. I guess it goes back to the old adage, "too much is not enough""

"I pinned the elephant and the butterflies on pinterest (With his full name in caption) and it was repinned like 10 times within the first 5 minutes. People adore your wonderful paintings"

"I love drawing dancers, especially realistic ones. Elephants are the cutest things ever! The butterflies around him added a hint of gracefulness. I should know, I do ballet myself! The bear jumping into the water was lovely. I would love to visit you artwork in San Fransisco. I live close to there. I would love to see more! Thank you for the inspiration!Sarah Sue"

"WOW is it possible in anyway to contact the artist? The elephant picture, do want to buy a copy of the picture, I would love to have it on my wall! Its amazing, breathless!"

"OMG this is so amazing the bear diving into the water swirling about I don't know what that is called. It is so surreal and beautiful I want to dive in after him I know he won't hurt me the water will be cold but I won't care. Drowning is a fear of mine and so is water but the bear is not. This is magnificent."

"very weird and unique"

"We Love Robert, and love having him in our Gallery!"

"It is a pleasure to know Robert. So many of his pieces just make you happy. I like it when an artist can achieve such a level of success and still remain a humble and compassionate person. Good luck Robert."

"Love them! Magical!"

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